David Archuleta's Father Outted as 'The Worst Stage Dad'

Poor lil Davey. As if competing on "Idol" in front of the entire nation weren't enough, it turns out that he has one Dina Lohan-level stage parent to contend with. Naomi Judd was on the Today show yesterday and confirmed all the rumors that David Archuleta's dad Jeff is a nightmare.

Naomi was a judge on "Star Seach" back in 2003-2004, when little David was on the show. In the clip above (around 3:40), she confirms that the show had to put security on Jeff because he was -- how do you say? -- totally bonkers. Like, Gypsy-Rose-Lee's-momma kind of bonkers. There have been rumors for months about the old "Star Search" incidents -- and Naomi finally confirmed them. She even took a moment on live TV to ask the man to "leave [David] alone," calling him "the worst stage dad."

And thanks to "Idol" blogger Rickey for bringing our attention to this, um, slightly disturbing revelation.