Obama Finds His Inner Jigga, Scores Zillion More 'Youth' Votes

We’ve seen Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama bust some moves on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, and they did not fly. But after the shellacking he took during Wednesday night’s Democratic debate --- which has been roundly dissed for its tabloid-style focus on old skeletons in the closet -- Obama used Thursday to tap into his inner Jigga.

In this mash-up video that's been making the rounds, Obama is seen tipping his hat to Jay-Z’s 2003 track “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” by brushing off the comments made by rival Hillary Clinton. Jay’s “Moment of Clarity” thumps under a highlight reel of Clinton and Wednesday night’s moderators bashing Obama before the music swells. That's when “Dirt” comes in, as Obama explains to a crowd (in a speech yesterday) that when you’re running for the presidency, you have to just “kind of expect” the attacks. That's when he brushes a bit of dirt off his shoulder -- and makes hip-hop history.

We kind of agree that this may be “the coolest subliminal cultural reference in the history of American politics.” Though he's not down with the misogyny and materialism of some hip-hop, Obama said in a recent interview that he is down with Jay’s music.

You know that if Obama wins the primary, the next mash-up's going to be “99 Problems.” Oh wait -- guess we missed this. Yikes.