Chamillionaire Gives Props to Activist Students

This in from MTV News producer Garth Bardsley, on a shoot in the Lone Star State:

We're in southwestern Houston at a public high school called YES Prep, which is a free high school catering to low-income students, and -- get this -- it has a 100 percent acceptance rate to college.

Tomorrow the students are holding a dance on behalf of an organization called Malaria No More, raising money to purchase nets to protect against mosquitoes in Africa. So Houston's own Chamillionaire swung by to fire up the students and give them props for their hard work.

One of the great parts of this gig is bringing excitement to people who deserve it. When you spend your time doing the so-called "serious" stories for News -- politics, sexual health -- it's kinda cool to bring a couple hundred kids into a school cafeteria and watch them freak out when one of their idols runs in the door and hops up on the table. Personally, I couldn't handle that kind of screaming every day -- good thing I'm not a hip-hop star. Chamillionaire was fantastic, hanging for quite a while, visiting a class, taking pics.


Check out our continuing coverage of the fight against malaria -- a treatable disease that kills an African child every 30 seconds -- in the coming weeks at And more photos of Chamillionaire hanging with the class after the jump.