UPDATE: Gnarls Give Away Instrumentals FREE. SDRWKB.

UPDATE: Yesterday we got all excited that Gnarls Barkley were giving away their album for free online -- backwards! Well, you've proven that y'all are smarter than us, as we've been schooled that it's actually The Odd Couple's instrumentals. This will be like a trip to Playland for DJ's around the globe...!

Again: One love, Cee-Lo & Danger Mouse!

And, you know, to make life easier for the less-than-tech-savvy among ya, we've got a seriously easy how-to on how to reverse the download after the jump.

Step 1: Download the reversed mp3 file from fronttobackbacktofront.com.

Step 2: Get yourself a nice little audio editing program. We recommend Audacity, because it's free. And it's awesome.

Step 3: In Audacity, you should File -> Open the mp3 file. If it works, it'll look something like this:

Step four: Hit control+A (or on a Mac, Apple+A) to select the whole thing. Then go to the Effect menu and select Reverse.

It's OK if this takes a minute, just let the computer do its thing. On our standard-issue MTV News desktop PC, the whole process took about five minutes, top to bottom. If you like what you hear and want to keep it, you can save the file in its un-reversed format. That's in your File menu.

That's it. Done! Boo-ya!