50 Cent: Too Damned Skinny For Y'All

Yesterday when we posted a clip here about how Fiddy's tired of his G-Unit crew living it up at his house, we got a boatload of comments. But most of you weren't concerned about whether or not Lloyd and Tony Yayo were going to get expelled from the mansion. Instead, everybody was chiming in on Fiddy's new svelte figure: from ultra-buff to 185 pounds soaking wet.

ChrisW: "He looks sick, face looks small compare to a couple of years ago. What's up with dat?"

SBI Baby: "Fif look coked up!"

ms.3000: "Fiddy looks like he got something bad (look @ his face). Whats up wit that?"


Tracie J.: "WTF? I think those rumors of Fifty using may be true. Man he has lost a helluva lot of weight quickly, look at his face and not acting himself at all."

Brandi: "What's really goin on with you, 50? You really do look like you can use some sleep. Or somethin. I mean damn, you look like you lost a good 25lbs. G-Unit, Let that man sleep. Damn!"

And our personal fave:

Div: "50 needs a damn cheeseburger!"

So is Fif sick as a dog? On the Gwyneth Paltrow diet? What?

All your answers can be found here.