Snoop Brings the Indo to Daytime Drama

So after forays into gangsta rap, porn, children's soccer, reality TV, and even this, Snoop has decided to diversify the brand a bit more by diving into the tawdry world of daytime drama.

Snoop D-O Double G just taped not one but two love-and-lies-filled episodes of ABC's “One Life to Live," set to air internationally -- all over the world! -- on May 8th and 9th. What will happen when the Doggfather appears at the bachelorette party for Adriana (that slut!) and runs into none other than the "reliable and unfalteringly moral" Bo Buchanan?? (Bo will smoke his first blunt...?)

We hope telenovelas are next.

More pics of the Doggfather gettin' his Strasberg Method on after the jump.