Big Boi Gives Sway Props For 'Blowing Up' Outkast


In his pre-MTV News days in the Bay Area, Sway created a major hip-hop radio show -- and that's where the MTV powers-that-be discovered him and brought him on board. So when Sway reunited with Big Boi this week to talk about his upcoming solo album, BB took a moment to give a shout-out to the show that he says helped break Outkast in America. The always-together Mr. Calloway was actually a little thrown by the props:

When Big Boi credited my partner King Tech and me for being the first to support Outkast in the entire country, it was a humbling moment that caught me off-guard. It reminded me how the country hadn't fully accepted Southern hip-hop at the time, as good as Outkast clearly were even back then.

To this day, our show The Wake Up Show is still the longest-running syndicated hip-hop show on mainstream radio, and Outkast -- along with others -- helped to build its legacy. Check out some of the archive footage on the site.

One Love, Big Boi and Andre 3000!

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