50 Cent to G-Unit: Quit Partying at My House! For Real!


50 Cent and G-Unit swung by the 29th-floor HQ of MTV News last night to talk about their upcoming album. But while they were spilling all about their new music, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks started to tell our hip-hop mastermind Shaheem Reid about how Fiddy's lifestyle has changed. Like, the man isn't all that happy anymore that his friends are tearing it up in his house when all he wants is to get to bed at 10pm. We're not kidding you -- this goes on for a whole minute. Fiddy threatens to sell his Connecticut mansion just to get some peace -- he wants "a regular house where regular people can live."

The clip is priceless.

More from the crew on their new tracks, the new album title, and their recent split with Young Buck will be rolling out at MTVNews.com over the coming week.

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