Fall Out Boy Get All 80's on 'Beat It' Set


Dag! Our LA producer Yasmine sure gets around. Here's her lil missive from the video shoot for Fall Out Boy's cover of "Beat It." Yes, that "Beat It":

I've been to a video set or two in my day, so when I got the call to cover FOB's tribute to the Gloved One, I was expecting the usual. When the crew got there, it was a pretty standard check-in-with-the-publicist-and-wait.

Well, except for the fact that it was a seriously hush-hush production. In fact, it was so top secret that after we talked to Patrick (rockin' 80's gear) and Pete, I was told to make like a tree and leave. [Ed: Dude, Yasmine, how old are you?] But, you know, you can check out what we did get next week, at MTVNews.com. OMG, shameless plug alert...

Check out FOB performing the cover live in Phoenix -- we kid you not! -- in the clip above.