Virginia Tech Students Write In: Bryce Carter, Sophomore

Today is the one-year anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech. In memory of the tragedy, MTV News caught up with the students we spoke with that week to find out how the tragedy changed life on campus.

We also asked the students to send us their written thoughts on that terrible day, which we'll be posting here throughout the afternoon -- starting with sophomore Bryce Carter, who last year live-blogged the events as they were unfolding:

The public only sees what is presented to them, and what is presented to them has to be captivating enough to hold an audience and make profits. In the aftermath of April 16, 2007, our university suffered the untold amounts of reporters that transcended on our campus. Many reporters showed an enormous insensitivity to our community, as revealed in the story behind the photograph below.

This photograph is of what the public sees: the uncomfortably close shot of two friends in grief, one comforting the other. But the larger picture tells a very different story: as the students huddled together, photographers were eagerly crowded around snapping pictures to captivate the world with our grief. In fact, one friend may not only have been embracing the other -- she most likely was trying to shield her from the media.

Two stories unfolded last April: one was the shootings, and the other was the media. The story of the media presence and its effect was greatly underreported, yet it's left a deep scar on every Hokie who had to endure the reporters' presence. We felt nothing less than violated, raped.

There are countless other similar personal stories beyond these two photographs that Hokies and community members alike experienced. It is our hope that in the aftermath of their presence they realize that, as one reporter told me, “There is a difference between doing your job and doing your job with compassion.”