For The Record: Madonna, Rivers Cuomo, McCain & More

· Madonna’s going to play Roseland on April 30th, and certain people are, like, freaking out about it.

· We wish we’d noticed this sooner: Rivers Cuomo made this beautiful video about his dad and soccer.

· Sub Pop will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a benefit concert with acts including Green River and Wolf Parade.

· That greasy gentleman with two first names who made one of those “Hills” girls feel bad about herself is modeling now. Kind of.

· This dude asked Moby to headline his show, and he did. He even thanked the guy. What a nice vegan!

· The Pope is here! And inspiring Shephard Fairey rip-offs.

· Cindy McCain’s “family recipes” were lifted from the Food Network. Go bake some cookies, fraud!

· Oh, wait -- the McCain camp has responded brilliantly.