Motley Crue Play Us Like It's 1989


You know, sometimes we've got our minds on some indie-cred-type stuff, like Interpol and Vampire Weekend. But this week, just forget that ish. Because this week is owned by the Crue.

First came the announcement of their new single via Rock Band, then they upped the consumer ante by telling us they'd be bringing the game on tour with them. And now the boys who brought us "The Dirt" -- not to mention the greatest "Behind the Music" of all time, hands-down -- have unleashed Crue Fest, with Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Trapt, and Sixx:A.M. Grrrrrrr, mainstream metal!

And, you know, since it isn't technically 1989, you probably won't see Tommy Lee what he does here at 0:21. But it's going to be a balls-out time.

If the word "balls-out" appeals.

And, I guess, if the word "balls-out" involves a video game.