Santogold's Underground Buzz Put To Work For Bud Light

Man, are we all over Santi White (Santogold, innit). The hype started last fall when unmastered tracks leaked online, and the breakout “Creator” has taken on a life of its own through the FreQNasty remix on her MySpace page.

We dubbed Santi one of our "Alternatives In '08", she just opened for Gnarls Barkley -- and her debut album doesn't even drop until April 29th.

So with all the credi-buzz(TM), why did Santi sell “Creator” to Bud Light? Maybe no one cares about the whole "selling out" thing anymore, and any artist who earns the "genre-bending" honorific often needs help earning, you know, cash. But still -- Bud Light?? PBR would have at least been more appropriate.

Tell us what you think about your fav indie artists shilling for light beer and Subarus.

And, if you need one, you can get a quick MTV News primer on Santogold after the jump.