Heidi Montag Nixes "Hills" Flick, Wants To Be Angelina Jolie

I need to make a disclaimer: I do not watch "The Hills." I don't know a darn thing about any beef between the main characters. I do, however, know that it is the #1 show on the network which provides me with a means to eat. So when I was asked to cover the debut of Heidi Montag's fashion line Heidiwood, I was less than thrilled -- but happy to be getting paid!

At the Hollywood and Highland complex, 8pm on the dot, the fashion show's MC Perez Hilton (seriously) welcomed the crowd and kicked off the show. The clothes? Basic pieces but pretty cool for Heidi's first time out. She later told me that she's always loved fashion and has been trained at various schools all over the world. (Yeah, we'll Google that later too.) As the show came to a close, Heidi hit the stage wearing some of her designs. A few moments later her "ex-fiance" Spencer hit the stage, and the crowd went junior-high-school wild. There were flowers and a smooch (and rainbows and kittens and stickers). I'm sure we'll find out more about what's really going on with those two as this season of "The Hills" progresses. If you watch. Unlike me.

When I talked to Heidi backstage about Spencer, she said that he's a great friend, and that she "loves" him -- but, you know, with that I-love-him-like-a-friend kind of vibe. So we'll just have to wait to see what the future holds. Or something...?

I asked her about a possible "Hills" movie. She was extremely turned off by the notion and clearly has No Love for Lauren Conrad. (I asked her if the beef was real, and she looked me dead in the eye and said, "YES.") But girl has big-screen dreams of her own: she said she would love to be like Angelina Jolie and be able to play the "bad ass."

But here's the craziest revelation of the evening, from where I stand: I met Heidi...and I kind of liked her. [Ed: What were they serving at that show? Kool-Aid??] I mean, can all the gossip blogs be wrong? Is it wrong to be on Team Heidi?


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