For The Record: Frank Zappa, Radiohead, Metallica & More

zappa.jpg· Frank Zappa's widow is suing the 19-year-old Zappanale festival over the right to use his name and moustache.

· Radiohead's Billboard debut ("Nude" at #37) is not due to a "technicality," as some Radiohead-hating jerks would have you believe.

· A report from the "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" auditions: "It looked like Barbie threw up in there."

· Guess who's rumored to be headlining Ozzfest. Ozzy Osbourne! Calm down, it's just a rumor. Also rumored: Metallica.

· Sulu's country singing and Clint Black's stand-up comedy can't keep a TV show afloat.