Mike Myers Brings Guru-tastic Mojo To Movie Awards

Yeah, baby, yeah! Mike Myers is hosting the MTV Movie Awards on June 1st. This is the uber-comic’s second time hosting since 1997, and last year he was handed the Generation Award. The hosting gig will be just in time for the release of Myers’ brand-spanking-new film “The Love Guru” — that’s called “synergy” in the “business.”

Below is an interview Mike Myers gave to MTV News about the subtly charged, Bergman-esque family drama that is “The Love Guru,” co-starring Justin Timberlake. No word on the Movie Awards nominations yet, but you can be sure that if J.T. gets any kind of nod, Myers will have plenty to say about it: he revealed to us that he’s completely “sickened” by that “12-year-old”…