Ciara Feeds Us Waffles, Leaves Us In The Dust

A lil note from shooter extraordinaire Akshay Bhansali (that’s him on the left), fresh from a visit with crunk ’n R&B princess Ciara at Hotlanta’s Silent Studios:

You’d think a waffle and fried chicken breakfast would make a crew lethargic, but catching up with Ciara seriously brightened up my day. C played us 7 or 8 tracks off her upcoming third album, “Fantasy Ride.” The first single to hit the radio is gonna be “High Price,” a crunktastic jam featuring old partner in crime Ludacris Bridges.

Once the shoot wrapped, Ciara showed the crew her ridiculously hot white Rolls, and Sway had his heart dead-set on a ride. It didn’t really work out that way…


A rundown of the tracks she played for MTV News’ listening session, in C’s own scribbly handwriting, after the jump.