Velvet Revolver's Revolving Door

Now that Scott Weiland’s reunion with the Stone Temple Pilots is finally official, what’s next for Velvet Revolver, the band the singer was booted from just last week? Already, guitarist Slash has promised a third record from VR, and he even said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that the band's got a few fellas in mind to take over behind the mike. Slash even admitted that, as recently as last month, the band auditioned at least one hopeful -- right around the time that rumors of the band’s split started gaining speed.

So, who do we think would work well with Velvet Revolver? Here’s a couple of possible hopefuls the band should consider, after the jump...

- Chris Cornell: While we love Chris, we feel he works better with a band, rather than as a solo artist. Plus, he’s experienced band tumult of his own, first with Soundgarden and most recently with Audioslave. Besides, VR could tear through his cover of “Billie Jean,” which, thanks to “American Idol,” people have actually heard.

- Axl Rose: Sounds crazy, but hey -- what the hell is Axl up to these days, anyways? We’re all still holding our breath for the release of Chinese Democracy, whether it's due next month or next millennia. He’s already been in a band with the VR guys, and at long last, we’d have that GN’R quasi-reunion we’ve all been dreaming off. Sure, it’s a stretch, but stranger things have happened.

- Sammy Hagar: The former Van Halen frontman doesn’t leave Cabo all that much, but for a shot at Velvet Revolver, we think he’d hang up those Bermuda shorts and put down the tequila. At the moment, Sammy’s got time on his hands, and even more than Cornell, he knows what it's like to tour with a bunch of dysfunctional egomaniacs.

- Mike Patton: Let's be honest -- wouldn’t this be awesome? Patton’s inclusion in Velvet could transform the band’s “safe” sound, expanding it in directions never before imagined. Only thing is, VR doesn’t want an erratic frontman, and when it comes to erratic, Mike’s the very definition. Besides, we doubt Patton would ever sell out quite this hard.

- Courtney Love: She’s a loose wire, this one –- but imagine Velvet Revolver with a gravely female voice. Perhaps she’s a little too…well…bonkers. But just think of all the leftover Kurt Cobain material she could bring to the table and pass off as her own [Ed: Ouch]. Its not likely Love, who has been working on a solo album going on two years, would ever be considered for VR, but we’d love to see it happen.

- Perry Farrell: The once-great Jane’s Addiction frontman came up on the L.A. scene at pretty much the same time Guns N’ Roses did, and since his band the Satellite Party’s debut album tanked, maybe Perry would consider stepping into Scott’s shoes. Farrell is used to dealing with drama queens (see: Dave Navarro), but his commitment to projects is up for debate, considering Jane’s is running on two reunions and three breakups. But Perry’s poeticism could be the shot in the arm VR need, and like Weiland, Farrell’s one of the skinniest men to walk the Earth and not hail from Ethiopia. A perfect fit?

- Scott Stapp: Velvet Revolver may be a little apprehensive to work with a Scott again -- especially one who has battled his own addictions over the years -- but as far as we can tell, Stapp’s available, and should be for the foreseeable future. The Creed singer’s voice could compliment the band’s hard-driving sound, and he’s a road dog -- he won’t have any problem spending months and months in a bus, as long as there are groupies around (and Kid Rock?).

- Gavin Rossdale: While Gavin’s got another solo album, Wanderlust, on the way, we think he’d be able to deal with the hefty task of fronting VR. And he’d at least bring some handsome to the rock outfit. He’s got the pipes, and is open to experimentation, which could bring a new dynamism to the band’s sound.

- Motorhead’s Lemmy Motörhead: On second thought, Lemmy would never f--king do this.