Idol Gives Back: Forget That Whole Election Thing In November, Let's Just Vote For President Now

Hi. Tomorrow, "American Idol" dives into its conscious-redeeming special, "Idol Gives Back," which makes up for the fact that those judges can be so, so mean every year (hey, we know the feeling, yo). Personally, we love the philanthropic gesture, and love that folks like Oprah are making the idea of giving back, well, popular.

But even if that wasn't the theme of Wednesday's night "Idol," we'd be pretty curious about the show, especially given the list of folks scheduled to make an appearance, be involved or otherwise attach themselves to the show somehow, someway. Like presidential hopefuls Sen. John McCain, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama. We wish they would have a sing-off! OR EVEN BETTER, you know how they say that more people vote on "Idol" than in the presidential elections? Well, now we can find out FOR SURE. Seriously. Just put them up there, and let's settle this once and for all.

Others scheduled to appear on the show, after the jump.

(clearly not in any order)

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Victoria and David Beckham

Maria Shriver

Jim Carrey

Adam Sandler

Alicia Keys

Julianne Moore

David Spade

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dr. Phil

The Jonas Brothers

Felicity Huffman

George Lopez

Kylie Minogue

Kobe Bryant

Eddie Izzard

Emma Bunton

Cheryl Hines

Kyra Sedgwick

Michael Kors

Minnie Driver

Ricki Lake

Rob Schneider

Jimmy Johnson

Roselyn Sanchez

Selma Blair

Toby Keith

Jimmy Kimmel

Whoopi Goldberg

Sarah Silverman

Michael Chiklis

Mary Murphy

Sheila E.

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