Jason Castro’s Fans Have a Custom-Tee Freakout

Wow. Dreadheads unite!! With the recent announcement of the comeback of NKOTB I have been remembering the unbridled passion of the “Blockheads” — those kids who went nuts for the New Kids back in the day.

But apparently, “American Idol”’s Jason Castro has inspired his own equally enthusiastic following — at least judging by the reaction I have gotten to my wearing a “Jason Is My Idol” t-shirt on the news last week. I am glad you guys liked it — and to answer a few questions: Mary, I got it from the site Café Press; and Tori and Kristen, yeah I have seen the “Dreadhead” t-shirt — it’s great as well. Hopefully if Jason stays in (and we know he will, right?) I can wear it too…

So, why Jason? Apart from a great voice, he’s just more…real. Truth be told, I can’t really get into “Idol” until it gets down to the top 10 or 12 — it’s just too much of an investment before that. And when I started watching it this year, I thought JC just stood out. He seems incapable of doing anything forced or unauthentic. And on that show, that’s saying a lot. And his “Hallelujah”? Damn. In its own way, that is as revered and iconic a song as “Imagine,” and to do it that kind of justice — only a couple of weeks, I might add, before Leonard Cohen was inducted into the Rock Hall — well, that was it. Jeff Buckley was smiling.

This week, it’s “inspirational songs” – what will Jason sing? See my suggestions after the jump.

“Inspirational songs,” huh? Such a vague, subjective word, “inspirational.” I guarantee you what I find inspirational is not what others might. “Imagine” for instance — that is incredibly inspirational, especially when sung in full, Archuleta. I know that had Jason done that one he would have done every verse and not censored the “no religion, too” line. The LDS clearly had a hand in that move.

But I digress…Me and my colleagues came up with the following “inspirational song” suggestions for JC:

– “My Sweet Lord” (Thanks, Jim) – Appropriately “hazy,” and it wouldn’t surprise me if Harrison was Jason’s favorite Beatle.

– “Peace Train” – What is more inspirational, and oh so timely, than a call for peace? Plus, doing a Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) song would be a nice interfaith move.

– “Day By Day”/”Save the People” – Two songs from the hippie-dippie 1970 musical “Godspell’ in which Jesus wore a “fro.” It’s time for Jesus to have dreds! (Plus, his initials are JC.)

– “40” or “Walk On” – U2 have too many Biblically-referential songs to mention here, but “40” (based on the 40th psalm) is a fan favorite. And pop songs just don’t get much more overtly inspirational than “Walk On,” which Bono dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi.

But these are just suggestions. Tell me what you guys think.