Madonna And Justin Timberlake's New Video: What Do Fans Think?

(by Sarah Muller)

Madonna's new video, "4 Minutes," began making the rounds this week, and users commenting like crazy on the sci-fi/ hip-hop-inspired piece, which features Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

As with most of her videos, Madge delivers what fans expect: tight corsets, booty dancing and a song that's hard to get out of your head.


And as with most of her videos, this one is stirring up strong reactions. As of 4 p.m. Friday, about 650 people sounded off on the iTunes reviews space.

The video opens with Timbaland standing in front of a massive digital-countdown clock, setting the tempo with pulsating beats. The heavy thumping gives viewers into a sense of urgency, as if the whole set will blow up.

That, and the huge, black-diamond-shaped blob that's trailing Madonna and Timberlake at all times, eating away human flesh (eewwww!).

The pair bump and grind through random scenes — sliding off cars into people's dining room, rolling down grocery store conveyer belts — all to save the world.

Not everyone's buying their heroic mission.

ITunes user "Ajlazyboy21" says, "This [video] has nothing to do with saving the world in 4 minutes. Leave it up to them and we would have all died because they wanted to have a dance off."

Another person, "Fergwebdotcom," asks, "What's with the pale peach grandma lingerie ... And sucking up to Justin for pop cred?"

However, the vast majority of reviewers seem to like to the collaboration. "Madonna and Justin rocked this video from beginning to end," says "Bibii Izzy."

Madonna, who's nearing 50, still gets tons of compliments on her dance moves and stamina. "Brooklynitialianboy" commends her for going "toe-to-toe with 20-something JT."

Comments like "hot," "sexy" and "awesome" generally litter the board.

Madonna is not the only pop star to receive a commentary. Mariah Carey — who is not featured on the video — also got some mentions.

"These guys really pulled off this video, She gets better and better," says "SupastarSteve. "Mariah? Check-mate ... the Queen is here."

What do you think? Let us know!