New Kids On The Block: Announcement Coming

So New Kids On The Block.

Wow. We've caught a lot of heat on this one. Who knew the fans could be so mean!

Some news for you. Tomorrow, NKOTB will make their first public appearance together in 15 years when they appear live on the "Today" show (NBC). They're performing. But they will also be making an annoucement. First, that they will say they are joining "Today's" summer concert lineup on May 16 and perform live on the Plaza in their first full concert since splitting up in 1994. Second, they will announce that this concert is the first show in a world tour. And third, they will cop to being in the studio working on new music.

Ok, some thoughts.

1) I can't believe I'm posting about NKOTB.

2) This will not be our last post on NKOTB today.

3) I wonder if they will change their name to the acronym NKOTB so as to conceal the "Kids" in their band name. (Yeah, yeah, you clever commenters, we know all about the parallels between "Kids" in NKOTB and "Music" in MTV - touche).