N.E.R.D. Video Shoot: Lindsay Lohan, Lines and a Slashing



We were getting crazy text messages last night from an eyewitness at the N.E.R.D. video shoot for their single, "Everyone Nose," saying that all hell had broken loose on the set.

The video, which was being shot in New York's Flatiron District, apparently got shut down at around 9pm when two people were rushed to the hospital after being slashed on their arms. It's unclear who slashed whom - and with what - but our eyewitness says that two extras got into an altercation on the set, which resulted in the two injuries.

The video not only featured the three primary guys in N.E.R.D. - Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes, and their childhood friend, Shay - but also Lindsay Lohan, who, we were told (again, via txt), left as soon as the dust-up occurred. Oh and since the song alludes to a certain narcotic typically ingested via one's nostrils, there was also a guy in a giant nose costume with a big white smear hanging out on set.

So good to see Lindsay staying out of trouble.

We'll certainly have more on this story as soon as we get more details...

[UPDATE: Turns out production went on, but with a scaled-down crew. Pictures of the coke nose, designed by famed artist, KAWS, can be found here at the BBC blog.]

[UPDATE 2: More info up now at mtvnews.com]