Tom Morello Goes Full ‘Stache For Anti-Flag; Also, Rage Against The Machine Touring This Summer

MTV News Super-producer Matt Elias was on the set of a video yesterday being shot by the group Anti-Flag. Oh, and Tom Morello showed up. He reports from Los Angeles:

We’re in Glendale, CA at Moonlight Rollerway, where Anti-Flag is shooting a video for their single, “Bright Lights of America.” Tom Morello’s a guest in the video, sporting a fake mustache that is AWESOME. He’s the middle one in the picture. He’s playing coach of Team USA for a troop of very badass roller derby girls (Shout to the Derby Dolls, Angel City Derby Girls and Prison City Derby Dames).

In between takes, we got a chance to sit down with Anti-Flag’s Justin and “#2” (that is the bassist’s name, though his mother calls him Chris), along with Tom Morello. A lot of the conversation focused on politics, with Morello saying, “As the other half-Kenyan from Illinois, who went to Harvard, I will not be running for president.”


He later added, “The only time I’ve been impressed by a politician during my adult life was Barack Obama’s speech on race.” He’s still not endorsing anyone in the race. It was hard to take him seriously with that goofy mustache on.

So Anti-Flag opened up for Rage Against The Machine on their Battle of Los Angeles tour in 1999, which is how this whole thing came about. And while Morello was very mum on confirming rumors that RATM are back in the studio recording a new album, the Anti-Flag guys let it slip afterwards that they’re most likely going to be opening up for Rage on a tour happening this summer.

How’s that for news?!