For The Record: April’s Fools

We kind of can’t stand April Fool’s Day. Well, not as adults, anyway. Don’t get us wrong, we like to have fun like the next person. But to that guy in our elevator who had a fake cast on with fake blood spitting out today – it’s like, dude, YOU’RE A GROWN MAN, WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THIS PRANK IN AN ELEVATOR WHERE NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE???

Oh, but in this age of the internet, the gags fly out and ricochet all over, and it’s amusing because popular culture is so absurd sometimes that some of this stuff is actually believable. But not really. Anyway, some of the things that crossed our desks today:

· The above picture was a box of candy we got this morning, along with a press release saying that Butterfinger candy had become “The Finger” because focus-group testing determined that the longstanding candy bar’s name was too negative. Oh, we knew it was a joke the minute we saw that gooey finger that looked like it had been somewhere it probably shouldn’t have been. But thanks for the candy, yo!

· Spine Magazine, a UK hip-hop blog we visit on the regular, had the first single off Dr. Dre’s Detox, called “Headrush,” featuring Eminem, Slick Rick and Devin the Dude. This might even work as a gag for the next couple of years. Pretty good one, too.

· YouTube Rick-rolled everybody today, and despite the lawsuit, we are never gonna give you up. No hard feelings on that, ok?

· Ben Gibbard and the Death Cab For Cutie boys had a little bit o’ fun at the expense of vibraphone players everywhere!

· Scott Weiland got booted out of Velvet Revolver. Oh wait, this one was true. I wonder if Slash and them will send Scott notes from Martha Dumptruck?

· Kanye’s video with Chris Martin of Coldplay, for the song “Homecoming,” hit the internet today. Oh, this is true, too, but we wish it were an April Fool’s joke: Kanye really did a song with Coldplay.

“I told Jay I got a Butterfinger. Next thing you know he got a Butterfinger…”

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