New Kids On The Block – Neither New Nor Kids – Reuniting ‘Cause It Feels So Good (Also, They’re Broke)

We are really showing our age today. What with that SPECTACULAR ANDY WARHOL, MR. T. AND HULK HOGAN WRESTLING CLIP (Seriously, if that’s not ALL CAPS worthy, then what is?).

And now this. According to our friends at People magazine, the “Today” show, this Friday morning, will feature the reunion of the New Kids On The Block. All the original members – Joey, Donnie, Danny, Jonathan and Jordan. Oh, and it’s the 20th Anniversary of their hit single, “Hangin’ Tough” album, Hangin’ Tough. If that’s not a flimsy excuse for a reunion, I don’t know what is.

You old folks: will this make you feel nostalgic for your youth?
You young folks: do you even know what I am talking about?