SHOCKER: 50 Cent Skips Out On Wrestlemania, Mayweather

Hey, remember when 50 Cent said he was going to accompany Floyd Mayweather out to the ring for the boxer’s wrestling debut against Paul “Big Show” Wight for Wrestlemania 24? Well, that didn’t happen.

Yeah, yeah, we know, it’s so incredibly surprising that 50 Cent didn’t make it down to Orlando for the Super Bowl of wrestling, even after all the love Mayweather and 50 had for each other (pause). But he had other things on his mind, like his new video game, or the elections, or the new G-Unit album. Surely. Right?

In our interview with him last week, 50 let us know that maybe he wouldn’t be showing up. Perhaps some of Floyd’s recent activities (cough, cough, “Dancing With The Stars” cough, cough) had 50 Cent re-thinking his association.

Our own Shaheem Reid (who’s heard in the clip above), though, is never one to pass up a Wrestlemania event (it’s just like hip-hop!), and had his report, including Snoop’s cameo, after the jump. Plus pictures. Always pictures.

[UPDATE: If you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll want to click here after you’re done reading this article. Trust us.]

Shaheem Reid says:

The match I most wanted to see was the “Career Threatening Match” between Shawn Michaels and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Flair has been the Michael Jordan of wrestling since the ’80s. Hulk Hogan, way more popular globally, but Flair is considered the greatest of all-time when you factor in skill and style. I don’t care what nobody say, Flair set the template for all the celebration of decadence we do today. He was stuntin on private jets with the Horsemen before Jay-Z popped his first bottle of Cristal. He was wearing Rolex watches before Puffy even threw his first party at Howard University. And how everybody says “stylin on you” now. “Naitch” was “stylin and profilin” decades ago. Wooooooooooooo!

I went with my brother, my mom, my boy Mike and his father-in-law. Flair vs Michaels damn near brought me to tears. As HBK (that’s Shawn’s nickname) pinned Flair for the three-count, both of them lay on the mat crying. My moms was sobbing something awful. Truly the end of a fantastic era.

Funniest moment of the night was Snoop Dogg, who was emceeing the women’s Bunny Mania event, hitting the hated-heel, Santino Morrella, with a clothesline. Snoop told me personally a few months back, he always loved wrestling!

Money Mayweather vs Big Show shocked the hell out of me. What I thought would be a train wreck was actually so entertaining. They told a story, made you cringe, made you cheer and gave you a definitive, believable ending. Mayweather knocked out Big Show with the use of a steel chair and brass knuckles. I don’t care how big you are, a brass knuckle punch by a boxing champ is going to lay you down!!!!!

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