American Idol: David Archuleta and PromGate 2008

On “American Idol” this week, frontrunner David Archuleta left a large population of the country weeping. And I’m not just talking about that lame song choice.

I’m referring to, of course, "PromGate 2008," where the non-threatening cuddle-fantasy of many a tween revealed that there's a special someone he'd like to take to his prom (provided he has a chance to go). Host Ryan Seacrest was quick to point out that there was a blushing young girl sitting next to his (alleged crazy stage-)dad in the crowd. Could she be the one who will get to sip wine-coolers and have awkward sex with THE David Archuleta (or was that just my prom night)?

Well, it turns out we spoke with the Most Envied/Hated Girl In America a month ago when we visited David’s hometown, and it does seem like the two are very close friends. (It also seems like David has a very high tolerance for Rowan Atkinson.)


So, teens of America (and creepy middle-aged housewives), now you have a voice to put with the face that you’ve been throwing darts at all week. Happy voodoo-ing!