America's Next Top Model: Tyra Banks Pets Kim Stolz Like A Pretty Little Kitten

I didn't know it would ever happen, and I certainly didn't know it would happen like this, but I've achieved closure from my days as a contestant on "America's Next Top Model." We just came back from covering The Tyra Show's "Fiercee Awards" (yes, that's pronounced FIERCEYYYY) at which Tyra Banks gave out awards to former top model contestants. I decided to cover the event for MTV News rather than attend the event as a "top model." And wow, that was a good choice.

This is how it went down when Tyra and I saw each other on the red carpet:


I earnestly asked each girl what she was doing, and what photos from her ANTM portfolio she was using in her modelng career (if she was, in fact, working) -- the answer to which was a resounding ZERO. I even had time to ask them a few political questions… and well, you know how that was gonna go.

We'll get all of that out to you next week (including my bizarre dress-down from Carol Alt!) - secrets from the carpet!!