BREAKING ELECTION 2008 NEWS: 50 Cent Flip-Flops, Throws Up His Hands and Says, “He Don’t Know!”

Remember when 50 Cent “endorsed” Hillary Clinton for President, and caught some flack from his rap peers (and some love from Bill O’ Reilly)? Sure you do.

Well, when we were in Connecticut this week to talk with 50 about the new G-Unit album and his new video game, some of us were more interested about that left-field Hillary endorsement, and wondered what he thought of Hillary and Barack now that the contest has gotten somewhat ugly.

BREAKING NEWS: 50 Don’t Know!

In the clip below, he admits why he fell for Hillary initially, then how Barack reminded him of Malcolm X and he suddenly became “Obama all the way!” (Thankfully, unlike DMX, 50 Cent has indeed heard of Barack Obama). And now? He’s not paying attention. He just throws up his hands, “Just say 50 Cent, he don’t know.”

Ok, we will.