Timbaland and Chris Cornell: Is This a Collaboration You Want to Hear??


We love Timbaland. Absolute genius. True innovator. Changed the landscape of pop music forever. But man, does he have some suspect taste in rock music.

Anyway, Timbaland told Ryan Seacrest yesterday that he’s producing the upcoming solo album from former Soundgarden/Audioslave howler, Chris Cornell, the singer's third.

Timbaland said it’s the “best work” he’s done in his career (of course it is). Meanwhile, Cornell – who gave props to “American Idol” cover coverer David Cook on Seacrest’s show earlier in the week -- also said this upcoming solo album, which could be released as soon as next month, is the highlight of his career (of course it is).


We don't mean to sound that cynical but really, what do you think - interesting or ridiculous?