Fall Out Boy In Antarctica Chile: Another Record on the Horizon?


So, as you might have heard by now, Fall Out Boy didn't quite make it to Antarctica, thanks to some rather uncooperative weather down on the frozen tundra.

Their management, uh, managed to get the band out of Chile today -- Pete Wentz and Pat Stump, welcome home! -- plus a few members of the crew. But thanks to returning spring breakers, there weren't quite enough tickets to go around, so Andrew Hurley and Joe Trohman and a few key members of the Antarctic team got left behind in Punta Arenas.

They don't leave until tomorrow, so in the mean time, they're keeping busy by making clandestine trips to the grocery store (see Hurley and his Cheerios in accompanying photo), tossing drumsticks out the window of their hotel room windows, and -- most importantly -- cooking up another ploy to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

I can't go into specifics here, but let's just say it involves all seven continents, a much shorter time span, and incredibly higher stakes. Trust me, if they pull it off, it'll be worth it.

Yeah, TRUST me.