John McCain, Alan Keyes and Nine Inch Nails: The Whole Sordid Affair

mccain norris

MTV News super-producer Conor Bezane just did a fantastic story on John McCain, detailing the way the Republican nominee has (might have maybe sort of depending on how you look at them) different stances today on certain positions compared to those revealed in a sit-down interview we did with him in 2004. Many of McCain's positions seem surprising in retrospect, and the article is certainly worth the read, no matter your position on any of the candidates.

But in dusting himself off from his trip into the cavernous tape archives, Conor found some other interesting bits from the John McCain shelves, and sent along this note and these clips:

Do you remember Alan Keyes? The proud, right-wing, wacko perennial conservative presidential candidate (and the Republican who was "placed" to run against Obama for Senator of Illinois)? He thinks John McCain wants to "f*** you like an animal." I found this clip of Keyes and McCain at a Republican debate in 2000, and Keyes had the knives out, accusing McCain of corrupting America by invoking the Arizona Senator's enjoyment of Nine Inch Nails. Here's the clip with the goofy exchange: Keyes' tirade and McCain’s quippy reaction.


The "television program" Keyes was referring to is MTV News' interview with McCain (we don't think Keyes was watching MTV so someone must have briefed him). Plus, he got it wrong. McCain never did say that Nine Inch Nails was his "favorite rock group."

I also found a John McCain interview from eight years ago, when dude talked about attending the VMA's in 1999, the last time Trent Reznor performed. McCain’s taste in music is squeaky clean. That is, unless you are stuck in the 1950s and think that Elvis Presley is NSFW.