Fall Out Boy In Antarctica: Andy Hurley Is A Brave Man

Last week, Fall Out Boy announced they were going to play Antarctica, to set the world record for shortest amount of time to play all the world’s seven continents. MTV News writer James Montgomery got to go, because he was the person in the office most in need of a pick-me-up. This is his latest dispatch via Blackberry – THE THIRD TODAY!

Did you know that McMurdo Station, the United States’ Antarctic research facility, is mentioned in John Carpenter’s icy, gory horror flick “The Thing?”

Well, it is. And given the reason Fall Out Boy are down here in Punta Arenas — coupled with the fact that they’ve been forced to spend most of their time as unwitting hostages in their hotel rooms (the screaming kids are everywhere) — the metaphor of “the Thing” is becoming more and more apparent. FOB, it seems, are trapped. And probably doomed.

Or so we thought.

Turns out FOB drummer Andy Hurley is tired of hiding. So, along with one of FOB’s crew members (the massive Kyle Chirnside), he’s decided to launch a covert mission to make it to the grocery store, no matter what the costs.

And luckily for you, he and Chirnside took a camera along with them as they left the safety of the Finis Terrae hotel, braving the screaming crowds, determined to get a hold of both long underwear and some choice munchies for the long nights ahead. Take a look.


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It’s a pretty hectic look at the downside of the industry and super-clingy fans. And it sort of makes you feel sorry for everyone who’s staying at the hotel, FOB and otherwise.

[Editor’s Note: James, someone left a funny comment on your last blog, to the effect of, If this Antarctica trip doesn’t happen, it will be the rock equivalent of Geraldo and Al Capone’s vault? I think that guy’s pretty on point. MAKE IT HAPPEN.]