It’s No Longer The Roots’ Birthday; But They’re Shooting a Video with Sasha Grey, So Maybe It Is Their Birthday After All

The upcoming album by The Roots, Rising Down, is no longer going to feature the song, “Birthday Girl,” which was a collaboration with label-mate Fall Out Boys’ Patrick Stump. The Philly rap crew has always struggled with toeing the line between fierce beats-and-rhymes hip-hop on one hand, and pop acceptance on the other. And that song – and this album, for the most part – was supposed to deliver both.

Anyway, we hopped on the phone with Newsroom regular, Questlove, a few minutes ago and he explained the decision, saying it was “an artistic one,” but recognizing the fact that such a collaboration was hard for the label to really work with. Word inside the Def Jam offices is that Fall Out Boy wouldn’t be in the video, do the TV appearances, and didn’t really have time to promote the song alongside The Roots, so we see through Questlove’s denials. (Didn’t he know they were busy in Antarctica??)

The Roots will release the song as a bonus track on iTunes and also on the international version of the album. Still, they’re shooting a video for it in a couple of weeks, as a viral video, like their others, except this one will star gothy, porn queen Sasha Grey, SO IT WILL BE THE BEST ONE EVER. Seriously, not to be that guy but anyone who names their nudie photo sets after old Siouxsie & the Banshees and Joy Division songs is pretty great in my book.