Fall Out Boy In Antarctica: Antarctic Shelf Collapses. Fortunately, We Have A Reporter In The Area.


On Tuesday, when he wasn't giving faux weather reports, Pete Wentz was, like the rest of us, reading about the collapse of Antarctica's Wilkins Ice Shelf, a slab of ice reported to be seven times the size of Manhattan (but, you know, not nearly as interesting).

Located on the continent's Western Peninsula (the island where Fall Out Boy are attempting to land is just off the tip of said Peninsula), the 160-square-mile chunk of ice -- which may have formed more than 1,500 years ago -- began collapsing late last month, but now it's begun a fast dissolve, due in no small part to the effects of global warming, scientists say.

Fortunately, we have a reporter in the area. I asked Wentz what he thought of the whole thing and he said, "Someone sent (the story) to me and they're like 'Oh now you guys are going and this ice shelf fell that wasn't supposed to fall for another 15 years." And I'm like, 'We didn't even land there so that wasn't even our fault."

"Basically it's more evidence of global warming," he continued. " Essentially our runway just fell off."

I'll have more on this trip here on the Newsroom blog later today, plus you can read more about the whole stunt in my column this week, as we make our way, hopefully, towards Antarctica.

Last week, Fall Out Boy announced they were going to play Antarctica, to set the world record for shortest amount of time to play all the world's seven continents. MTV News writer James Montgomery got to go, because he and Pete Wentz are BFF. These are his stories.