Fall Out Boy In Antarctica: Welcome To Chile

Last week, Fall Out Boy announced they were going to play Antarctica, to set the world record for shortest amount of time to play all the world’s seven continents. MTV News writer James Montgomery got to go, a pity-concession for placing last in the Newsroom’s Fantasy Football league last year. These are his stories.

Well, after 19 hours, 4 in-flight meals, 3 layovers, 2 customs checkpoints and one pulse-pounding sprint through Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benitez airport to catch our connecting flight, we finally made it to Punta Arenas, a tiny town on the southernmost tip of Chile, where we’ll stay for the night before flying to Antarctica in the morning.

I should clarify that the “we” I’m referring to does not actually include Fall Out Boy (they arrived yesterday and played a show in Santiago last night), but rather myself, producer/cameraman extraordinaire, Ritesh Gupta (whose birthday it is today) and FOB’s man-mountain of a manager, Bob McLynnn, who has been very patient with us no matter how bad we screw up international travel (here’s a tip if you’re trying to make a tight connection: DON’T CHECK YOUR LUGGAGE. Good times).

So we were picked up at the airport by the gentleman in the photo above (bonus points for the discreet sign) and now we’re en route to our hotel. A bit later, we’ll meet up with the Fall Out Boys for a super-classified debriefing by the guides who will be taking us to Antarctica tomorrow morning. Actually, it’s not all that classified. I bet they’ll just tell us to wear long underwear or something. Anyway, I’ll check in again after the meeting. Now that we’ve finally arrived, perhaps we’ll have some fun tonight in Punta Arenas.