‘Chinese Democracy’ Finally Coming Out…Oh, But From The Scissor Sisters. Or Not.

Hi, Axl.

So last week, MTV News got with Scissor Sisters songstress Ana Matronic in Brooklyn, during an anti-war benefit that also featured Lou Reed, David Byrne, Norah Jones and Moby. Um, yeah, we feel the same way.

Anyway, she let it be known that her band – a fun live show, if you ever get to see it – are calling their upcoming third album, well, Chinese Democracy.

So…not really. But we liked that they joked about it. Surely their lawyers are breathing a sigh of relief. A few years back, April 2003 to be exact, the Offspring announced they’d be naming their album, Chinese Democrazy (You Snooze, You Lose), but the merry pranksters eventually chose a different title after a convincing call from Axl’s legal counsel.

To which we say, COME ON, SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAN-UP AND DO THIS. PLEASE??? Isn’t there a statute of limitations on forever-in-the-making sixth albums?