Shia LaBeouf’s Crime Spree Continues

Josh Horowitz reports:

The law’s got a beef with LaBeouf. Say it out loud. Come on, it’s fun. According to TMZ, the man who may or may not be Indiana Jones’ offspring received a ticket on February 18 for unlawful smoking, a misdemeanor. But Shia’s unfortunate decision to light up on the sidewalk isn’t the end of his problems. The real issue is that the actor (and his legal counsel) apparently failed to show up for his court appearance this morning, meaning there’s now a $1,000 bench warrant out for his arrest.

This brings up a few questions. In no particular order, we’re wondering:

· How does someone actually get cited for unlawful smoking? Isn’t that like jaywalking?

· Why would an ultra-cool, on-the-rise actor like Shia get in trouble outside a gift shop called Skyblupink? Not exactly helping his street cred…

· What’s the next legal infraction we can expect from Mr. LaBeouf? There was, of course, his “Walgreens incident” (just putting it in quotes makes it sound so salacious!) and now this. Just imagine if “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” premieres in Cannes, as is the current rumor. What international incident can we look forward to, followed by Harrison Ford looking the other way?