SXSW '08: Saturday's Live Reviews

Our Saturday recap is up and bursting with raves about Jim James, Robyn and Kate Nash, but you can also check out more detailed accounts at the You R Here blog. What happened yesterday? Well...

· Comeback-making pop singer

Robyn wowed Perez Hilton's party with glitchy electro-beats and profane lyrics

· Young British songstress Kate Nash overcame marble floors and obnoxious concertgoers

· Jim James and M. Ward got reverent at an intimate concert held in a church

· The Night Marchers rocked in the daylight at Waterloo Park

· Grand Ole Party drummed up some new fans at the Mess With Texas fest

· Black Tide rolled into Red Seven with waves of hair and metal riffs

· Foxy Shazam bled onstage at Emo's and delivered a fabulously unsexy pole dance

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