SXSW '08: More Stuff You Won't Find Anywhere Else

So it's Friday night in Austin, you're three days into a total indulgence of bands, booze and music. You've seen Yeasayer or some other hipster band four times already, you've memorized Santogold's set, you've had too much beer at the Blender magazine building, and some weird guy is trying to coax you to his friend's band's 2 a.m. performance with free burgers. It's the end of the night and you're just looking for something ... different.

Well, tonight was different. A free show by two great bands, No Age and F***** Up, on a pedestrian walkway bridge about two miles away from where the rest of SXSW is happening, at 3 a.m. (THREE A. M.!), under the cover of darkness. These are the things that happen when determined hipsters coagulate into a critical mass of creative thinking. Most of the kids made the trek by foot, rather than cab, thugging it out for short-but-sweet sets by the two bands, amongst a cavalcade of dedicated music-lovers not quite ready to call it a night. Sightlines were poor but the music was great. Mostly, we just love that something this ... illicit ... can still happen at such a major music festival in a big city. Above, a picture of the crowd (um, like we said, the sightlines were POOR).