SXSW '08: BBQuest Has A Winner

bbq3.jpgI've been putting it off for three days now — my annual trek to Iron Works BBQ, which was introduced to me four years ago by former MTV great Joe D'Angelo. It is, in my opinion, still the best bar-be-que spot in the city.

I guess I just wanted to sample other things, see what was out there. But I'm here to apologize to you, Iron Works. Because I never should have strayed. I love you.

What you see here is the Iron Works sampler — sausage links, brisket and ribs — and it is the best thing ever. The Works don't mess around with fancy stuff like real plates or actual silverware, so what you get is a ton of delicious, smoky, spicy meat served on a paper plate and eaten with a plastic fork. It is authentic to the core, which is why I love it. Throw in a bottle of Big Red Cola (which is, like, 100 percent sugar and dyes your tongue a lovely shade of Kool Aid crimson), and you've got the best of the best — unquestionably the highlight of my 2008 SXSW BBQuest. [Ed. note: Does this mean you'll finally stop sending me posts about BBQ, James?] Highest possible recommendation.

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