SXSW '08: A Band Whose Name We Cannot Fully Say, Plus Secret House Party


In between eating entirely too much BBQ and delicious tacos served out of a truck, one of the more mesmerizing shows I've seen at SXSW this year was by a band whose name I just realized I can't actually type out in full if I expect to keep my job. Yes, these are the limitations of working at a big corporation that services a wide swath of the general public versus, say, if I were doing this out of my bedroom. Not that I'm complaining. (Seriously, boss, I'm so not complaining.)

Anyway, they are called the F*** Buttons, and we will herewith refer to them as the F Buttons because typing out their name with asterisks just seems silly. (Also silly, the propensity of bands with the word F*** in them.) They are two — from what I can tell — British dudes, who make wonderfully heavy and rhythmic noise out of laptops, keyboards, plastic microphones and other feedbacky, small electronic equipment tucked away in a suitcase. Also, when they face each other as they play onstage, as they are in the picture above, they look like they are playing Hungry Hippo, but I swear to you they are not. Anyway, they hardly have any vocals and the chances of them being anything more than a blip on the radar are pretty slim, but if you are looking for music that will get you excited and lost and something that will impress your friends with your knowledge of arcane hipster bands, then the F Buttons are it.

At about 1 a.m., we ditched the SXSW strip and went to a secret house party on the south side of town, the kind coordinated and whispered through text messages, inebriated phone calls and instant messenger. More about this party after the jump.


So the house party allowed us to get off of Sixth Street, which is sort of like if every bar you've ever been to was on one block, and sort of a nightmare around midnight. And it had some of the DJs who were doing paid parties at SXSW spinning records out of a little shack overlooking a big pool in the backyard: Diplo, Simian Mobile Disco and some others. Kanye's DJ, A-Trak, and a friend of the Newsroom blog, was there, representing, having just landed in town for a bunch of parties in Austin for the rest of the weekend.

It was literally someone's house, on a residential block, although the property looked like it hadn't been moved into yet. And it felt like something you'd do in high school or college and that's a pretty great feeling when you're in the middle of a music festival that is getting increasingly regimented every year. Anyway, it rocked 'til about 4 a.m., no one got thrown into the pool involuntarily, and a fun time was had by all. Pretty good way to close out Day 2 of SXSW. Here's a pic of Diplo, Catchdubs and A-Trak.

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