SXSW '08: Lou Reed Takes On The Rockerazzi

loureed.jpgReporting from backstage at the Levi's/Fader Fort:

It was one of those moments where you kind of feel like a jerk, but you can't help it. Lou Reed was hanging around offstage at a tribute show in his honor Thursday afternoon. He was padding around in old-school running shoes, chatting it up with Moby and taking pictures of the artists playing covers of his solo and Velvet Underground songs. Then he flipped down the lenses on those future-shock eyeglasses of his and aimed the camera at the horde of photographers who were standing around pretending they weren't snapping pictures of him. Reed approached the edge of the VIP section, just a few feet from the rockerazzi and without a word or even a look, leveled his camera at the dozen or so professional and amateur snappers and just started shooting away. That sly smile on his lips could only have meant "How you like that, you vultures!"