For The Record: News On Weezer, System Of A Down & More

rivers.jpg· Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo took to their Web site this week to update on fans on the progress they're making on their next LP. "We have one song left to mix and then it's on to mastering," Cuomo wrote. "We should be all done very soon. Then we chill for a minute. The album will be out in June, so with any luck you will hear a new Weezer song on the radio soon. I think I know which song is the first single, but I'm not sure so I can't tell you. I'll give you some hints, though. It's one word, starts with a T, ends with an R and contains 12 letters. The album is meaty, crunchy and melodic like a good Weezer album should be."

· Muse are thinking about going the Radiohead/ Nine Inch Nails route for their next record. According to NME, the band, which is currently working on its next album, might only release new material as singles from now on. Frontman Matt Bellamy told the magazine, "I like the idea of releasing a series of songs, every month or every couple of months — just putting songs out there. Almost like making the single a more prominent format, and then every few years doing a best-of from that period and that would be the album. So, in other words, throw out songs every couple of months and see how people like them."

· Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta is working on his first solo LP. "I am in such a great space creatively these days," he said in a press release. "I have been writing profusely on my solo material. I don't have a release date in mind for this project, but my studio work is certainly sharpening my vocal and writing skills for the next Hatebreed studio album which is going to be completely next level."

· Could Coachella bring about a System of a Down reunion? It's possible, seeing as frontman Serj Tankian has been added to the festival's lineup, which also includes Scars on Broadway, the band featuring System guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan. System of a Down have been on hiatus since the fall of 2006.