SXSW '08: The Plastic Constellations Are All About Inclusion

It's an idea that makes total sense: Play rock and roll that's aimed at positively everyone — or at least everyone who enjoys pumping their fists, shouting and partying super hard.

It's called "inclusion rock," and there are several purveyors of it: Bruce Springsteen, the Hold Steady and, of course, the Plastic Constellations. We caught up with the guys from TPC last night before their super-inclusive set at the Mohawk, and they were kind enough to further explain just what the concept is all about.


There was certainly lots of fist-pumping at the Mohawk gig, and hard-riffing, super-fun rock too. It's a shame more people haven't caught on to TPC's brand of inclusion, but hey, the revolution has to start somewhere.

Oh, and the band was nice enough to, uh, include me in their show, giving me (and my pal Mike) and "everyone who believes in inclusion rock" an onstage shout-out. Feel the love.

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