SXSW '08: Stubb's BBQ Nirvana

bbq2.jpgAfter messing around with the rest, I went to the best in my never-ending quest to only eat BBQ at SXSW (wow, that's a lot of rhyming): Stubb's, Austin's most awesome 'que shack/ rock venue.

And quite simply, Stubb's is the sh--. This here is a "Minor" combo, with beef brisket, pork ribs, a big slice of white bread, spinach and sweet potatoes. Oh, and a huge glass of sweet tea too (a must — Stubb's gets bonus points for serving it in one of those red plastic cups). The dry-rubbed ribs fell off the bone, the brisket was delicious, and the sauce (add as much as you like) was earthy and tangy. Four million thumbs up.

To put it in more musical terms, Stubb's is sort of like the Radiohead of BBQ shacks: Everyone tells you how good it is, but you never really believe them until you experience it for yourself. And then you totally get it (or something like that).

If all BBQ down here is this good, then getting gout is gonna be a totally enjoyable experience.

When not gorging himself on barbecue, James is seeing bands, bands and more bands. Check out his show reviews at You R Here.