SXSW ’08: A ‘White’ Wednesday; On The Vegan Hunt; And It’s Already Too Hot

Every year it’s the same here on the gastronomical front: I don’t do the proper research into vegan places in Austin, and I spend the week either eating salad, breaking my diet and eating some cheese, or … eating at P.F. Chang’s. I mean, I love it and all — it’s cool and they have some killer tofu dishes, but four times in four days …

Anyway my production manager (and former P.F. Chang’s employee, no lie) Damian Vaca and I were in a bit of a hurry today, so for lunch it was off to P.F.’s again.


Whatever, we may be deep in the heart of Texas but it’s also a massive college town and I know there are plenty of veg-friendly spots here, I just need to do the homework. No Age are big vegans. Note to self: Ask them tomorrow where I should eat.

So who do I run into in the lobby of our hotel when we were gathering for our morning meeting on day one of SXSW but Ohioan-turned-Brooklynite programming prince Joe Williams — the “Williams” behind last year’s breakout synth-pop trio White Williams. Make that now synth-pop quartet White Williams. With the addition of their first real live drummer, WW are sounding like a real rock band, as I discovered later in the day at the Peacock, where the guys played a short afternoon set.

And at about 3:45 p.m. today it officially got TOO HOT in Austin. I mean, earlier it was like, “this is nice, 70 and not a cloud in the sky.” Then it was 80 and flat-out hot. But I might as well put a sock in the bitching. They’re saying it will be 90 or higher by Friday. Oh well. On tap for tonight: Lightspeed Champion, Yeasayer, Times New Viking, Simian Mobile Disco, my friend Chris’s band Tiny Animals make their SXSW debut (go Chris!), and a little band called R.E.M. at Stubb’s. Later, pardner.

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