How 'The Wire' Led To Tray Chaney's 'Dilemma'

chaney2.jpgOK, so Poot didn't go out with a bang or as a punk like some of the characters from HBO's "The Wire," which ended its five-year run this past Sunday. Instead, he tried to choose the right path, stuck between the streets and the straight life, yada, yada, yada. He chose a sneaker-selling gig. Eh, a safe enough job but still sorta in the mix.

Funny thing is, Poot's life-changing decision inspired Tray Chaney, the actor who plays him, to pen "Dilemma," the first single from his forthcoming debut. Chaney had to choose between two ladies, one of whom happened to be his fiancée.

"I guess you could say I'm a sucker-for-love type," Chaney told me over the phone.

I tracked him down recently when I heard he was putting out an album, and he talked at length about his rap dreams. He'd been a dancer as a youngster, and he performed (and won) at the Apollo Theater. He has pictures to prove it, he said.

With the plug pulled on "The Wire," Chaney said now is as good a time as ever to kick-start another career — this time in music. He said it's been on his mind for a while now, but when the show was in high gear he had too many things on his plate.

How's the record? Pretty cool. Tray's flow is on point and his voice is solid. Dru Hill's Jaz is on the hook, which sounds a bit like dated K-Ci & JoJo. But with the actors who played Namond, Snoop and Dukie thinking about recording music post-"Wire," my money's on Tray. He always seems to make the right choice.