Pop 'Queens' And Twirlers And Reporters - Oh My!


Even after more than 15 years here, I’m still, every so often struck, by one of those, “How did my life get me here?!?” moments (in a good way!). This is one of them.

At around 11pm last night -- and just minutes after the David Archuleta debacle on "Idol," YouTube drag-sensation Britney Houston was standing just outside my office door where she was getting all Wade Robson on MTV News' a**. Britney was choreographing a gaggle of her Broadway-dancer friends, and our very own Jim Cantiello, who’s proving that he’s not only funny… but fearless as well.

Every now and then an Asian girl would come twirling into my office, beta-tape prop in hand, paying me absolutely no heed. Just a few feet away, cute boys were doing back-flips and entertaining themselves with their best John Norris imitations. A statuesque girl in a pink boa stood nearby looking pensive. Here at 1515 Broadway, high up on the 29th floor overlooking Times Square, we were shooting what we’re calling the very first MTV Newsical.

It’s a top secret pilot that the hipster behind this piece (Hi, CJ!) and your favorite 60-Second-Recapper have been developing for several weeks. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal much more than that right now. But keep clickin’ the Newsroom and we might just give you a sneak peak sometime soon! Below, a pic of some of the dancers and MTV News producer, Conor Bezane (in the green).